McAllister's family waits for answers: SBI investigating 27-year-old's shooting death

By Olivia Neeley | olivia@wilsontimes.com | 252-265-7879
Posted 11/19/19

Roy “AJ” McAllister’s family members said they have more questions than answers. 

It’s been more than a week since the officer-involved shooting that claimed the …

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McAllister's family waits for answers: SBI investigating 27-year-old's shooting death

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Roy “AJ” McAllister’s family members said they have more questions than answers. 

It’s been more than a week since the officer-involved shooting that claimed the 27-year-old’s life. While the State Bureau of Investigation is examining the shooting, few details have been released surrounding the encounter on Jordan Street.

“Not only is he gone, but we don’t know why,” said McAllister’s aunt, Mechell Braswell,. “We don’t know how. We have no type of answers.” 

The lack of answers has been difficult for McAllister’s family members as they try to come to terms with it all. 

“There’s no type of closure this way,” said McAllister’s wife, Lataurus. “At the end of the day, no matter what the situation was, he’s gone. His mama lost a son. His sister lost a brother.

“He is never coming back.” 

The two had only been married for a month and a day prior to the Nov. 13 shooting. 

“I want all the answers,” his wife said. 


The SBI has said there is no specific timeline for how long an investigation can or will take. Those involved in the shooting, N.C. Motor Vehicles License and Theft Bureau inspectors Jordan Hill and Christopher Noble, have been placed on administrative leave with pay pending an investigation. 

Prior to the fatal Nov. 13 shooting in the 600 block of Jordan Street, the Wilson Police Department responded to the Wilson County Senior Activity Center shortly before 8 a.m. regarding an assault and robbery. 

Police said McAllister was the suspect accused of robbing the center prior to the encounter with officers on Jordan Street. 

“I can’t say it happened or it didn’t,” Lataurus McAllister said about her husband’s alleged involvement in the robbery. “I don’t know. What I’m saying is even if that’s the case, what was done was uncalled for no matter what it was.” 

McAllister’s family members said they have questions that include a timeline of events that unfolded that morning, how and why a DMV inspector encountered him and where McAllister was shot. Relatives said they are confused as to why a DMV inspector was involved in the incident. 

“If that’s not your jurisdiction or that’s not the part you’re supposed to handle, why didn’t you call the Wilson Police Department or the right people who are supposed to handle the situation?” Lataurus McAllister asked. “That’s the whole part I’m not understanding.” 


Lataurus McAllister said the family has been frustrated due to information being slowly released. 

“Today it’s this, tomorrow it’s this and the next day it’s this,” she said. 

The family said as they wait for answers, they are also preparing for McAllister’s funeral. Lataurus McAllister said Saturday will be the first time she’s viewed her husband’s body. 

Braswell said family members are relying on their faith and are grateful for those who have reached out to them for support. 

“We’re just praying we get through it,” Braswell said. “The emotional part can take over the physical part. It’s just so much.” 

Relatives said they’ve been in shock since last week’s incidents occurred. 

“Not only are we dealing with our own personal issues, but we are dealing with our own emotions flooding in,” Braswell said. “Then you have to read the public opinion comments. You have to read what everybody is saying. And it’s way too much. We need time to heal. Not only is he gone, but we don’t know why. We don’t know how."

Lataurus McAllister said comments about the case have been hurtful. 

“You can’t judge something when you don’t even know what happened,” she said. “I don’t even know what happened. It’s an assumption. Everything you hear isn’t true, and everything you hear ain’t a lie. That’s the point.” 

The family said if it was someone else’s loved one who was killed, they would want answers, too. 

Braswell said she hopes the negative comments on both sides will subside until all the facts are out. 


Lataurus McAllister said on that morning, her husband had planned to go to the DMV to get an identification card. She said he mapped out how he was going to walk to the DMV. He told her he wanted to get there prior to the DMV office opening so he could be the first person in line. He didn’t want to be there all day, she said. 

He left their Minchew Street home between 7:10 and 7:15 a.m., Lataurus McAllister said. While she was at work, she found out that someone had been shot in the Five Points neighborhood. 

She received a call around 11 a.m. from a family member and proceeded to the hospital. She said she didn’t know her husband was dead at that point, but she knew he’d been shot. 

She said when she went to the hospital, she was told she couldn’t identify her husband because of the ongoing investigation. 

“Other than that, I haven’t heard from any officer at all,” Lataurus McAllister said, referring to SBI agents. “I don’t know what happened. All I know are the stories I’m seeing.” 

Lataurus McAllister said when he left their home that Wednesday morning, all he had with him was his cellphone, Social Security card and bank card. 

She contends her husband didn’t have a weapon. 


McAllister’s sister, Jasmine, said the losing her brother has been difficult. 

“I’m going to be so empty without him,” she said, breaking down in tears. “That was my backbone. That was my everything. There’s so many memories.” 

Jasmine said her brother was always there for her no matter what, and he did a lot of thoughtful things for her. 

The two had a bond that can’t be described, she said. 

“He loved his family, and he wanted the best for everybody,” his aunt said. “He wanted people to do better. He had a love that was unexplainable.” 

Braswell said McAllister would often give advice and tell those close to him about not making the mistakes he had.

McAllister also left behind a small child. 

“He has a 6-month-old baby who will never ever get to know him for who he really was,” Braswell said. “He can hear stories, but he will never know him.” 


Lataurus McAllister said as family members grieve, they are trying to remember the happier times. She said her husband always lifted her up and encouraged her to always move forward. 

“You got to hold it together,” she said he would always tell her. And that’s all she can hear right now — his voice telling her that, she said. 

“I’m holding onto the memories I have,” she said.