Hold politicians accountable to stop police brutality

Personal responsibility keeps the lights on

Cooper can't risk chasing GOP convention away

Don't forget our brave firefighters

Trump, GOP Senate leading way to recession

Face masks no silver bullet or Christian obligation

Advice for the parents of Generation Z

Pray for a coronavirus cure

Wilson foster parents provide love, stability

Wearing face masks is patriotic

Phase 2 reopening leaves bars, fitness centers behind

Serving prison sentence has enabled spiritual growth

Vote Republican in November

Christians called to sacrifice, not insist on church customs

Pandemic brings changes, but no 'new normal'

Reopening North Carolina in phases

With act of kindness, Parker's Barbecue staff becomes family

Universal basic income support shows GOP's hypocrisy

Livestock growers, trainers need COVID-19 relief

Lincoln would be a Democrat today

Magistrates ensure justice is served during COVID-19 pandemic

Pray for deliverance from corrupt politicians

Celebrate economic reopening

All's fair in love, war and politics

COVID-19 orders proving harmful to businesses

Payroll tax cut would hobble Social Security, Medicare

Virus suspends a meaningful gesture of respect

Deficit spending threatens our democracy

Travel agencies, advisers help enrich Americans' lives

It's time to reopen Wilson's economy

Conservatives should return unemployment benefits

Playhouse of Wilson looks ahead to new season

Wilson teachers, subs deserve raises

Protesting stay-at-home orders? Go right ahead

Renewable energy is key to NC's future

Cooper's shutdown a national embarrassment

Let local governments decide when to ease virus restrictions

Winning the presidency no 'failed endeavor' for Trump

How much is a life worth to Sen. Burr?

Free Trump can't blame predecessor for coronavirus chaos

Christian leaders responsible for parishioners' safety

Hal Tarleton

Burr's affable nature didn't suggest scandal

Maybe I misjudged Richard Burr from the very beginning. He’s in deep doo-doo right now, as the first President Bush used that term, and The Wilson Times has termed him “toast.” He …
Rob Tornoe cartoon

Make Facebook and Google pay for local news, just like you

If you are a newspaper subscriber or you pick up a copy at a local retailer, you pay for the news and information you receive in your paper’s print edition or digital outlets. But it may …
Tom Campbell

Saturday school? Early and late shifts? Virus could bring dramatic changes

Public schools are supposed to begin the new year about 75 days from now, so I asked two teachers what to expect.  “I have no idea,” one said. “I’m exhausted just …
John Hood

North Carolina's go-slow reopening may be costly

RALEIGH — Over the first two months of the coronavirus crisis, our labor market cratered.  The number of employed North Carolinians dropped by 820,000, or 17%. Only 56.3% of …
Thomas L. Knapp

Don't expect Constitution to stop Pelosi's House hijinks

In mid-May, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution authorizing remote voting by proxy.  Per the resolution, one congressperson may vote on behalf of up to 10 others. In …
Donnie Prince

Returning to normalcy, one picnic table at a time

One up, one down. I rode over to Raleigh on Memorial Day and went to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, the original Chargrill down on Hillsborough Street.  I was first introduced to …
Sanda Baucom Hight

Remembering the mid-20th century polio epidemic

Those of us who were small children in the mid-20th century remember being afraid of polio, which reached epidemic levels in the late ’40s and early ‘50s.  Our parents feared it as …
Oliver Hedgepeth

Finding our new normal

This past weekend was spent with just the two of us in our backyard, working on our many rose plants blooming and those not doing as well. Memorial Day for us was watching special events like bugle …
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