Cheers and a fond farewell to 217 Brew Works

T-shirt tiff doesn't diminish doctor's exceptional care

Recruit COVID-19 survivors as poll workers

Give students a vote in school reopening plans

What lesson does library's fee-free policy teach?

Don’t make remote learning a vacation from good habits

Heckler's veto undermines free speech rights

Why keep Wilson’s park restrooms closed?

Reform academia to stop cancel culture

Cooper's levelheaded leadership is saving lives

Chained dog suffers in summer heat

Pittman will make Wilson proud in NC House

Choose Farris to serve Wilson in state House

Wilson leads the way on responsible policing

School board makes wrong call on reopening

Downturn, deficit call for structural changes

Distance learning poses greater threats than reopening schools

Appoint Pittman to continue Wilson's proud legacy

It's all over for Trump the traitor

Culture war benefits Trump, GOP

Dante Pittman: Built to lead

Don't slash spending on US foreign policy

Elm City makes Segway ride smoother

Lake Wilson kayakers need more mats

Thank you for letting me serve as your representative

Good Samaritans join search for missing key

Trump-bashing won't stop president's positivity

Retire the Redskins' name

A not-so-happy Fourth of July

Strategic erasure threatens Western traditions

Saluting a fallen veteran and celebrating Independence Day

Declare independence from irrational virus fears

Hitler blended socialism with fascism

Wilson a leader in community policing

Give this patriotic song a listen

Fascism: A corrupt alliance between government, big business

A hot car can kill your dog in minutes

Cooper leads with a statesman's steady hand

Wilson excels on stormwater control

Social issues don’t overshadow pocketbook politics

Protecting public health isn't 'dirty work'

Oliver Hedgepeth

Pray for hope to fight pandemic fears

Long ago and not so far away, I was a not-so-diligent student in the Wilson school system. I remember my mother saying when our son was born that she prayed he wouldn’t be as rambunctious as I …
Gary Pearce

We're governed by geezers: Time for gerontocracy to pass the torch

When Baby Boomers protested the ills of society in the 1960s, we didn’t trust anybody over 30. Now that we’re in our 60s and 70s, we don’t seem to trust anybody under …
John Hood

County races turn on governance

RALEIGH — As the fall homestretch of the 2020 election approaches, you’re probably not spending much time considering the implications of county commission races in North Carolina. But I …
D.G. Martin

Do Black lives matter in a new novel set in Raleigh?

Do Black lives matter in a good, almost all-white neighborhood in Raleigh? The Black lives in this neighborhood are two of the main characters in Raleigh author Therese Anne Fowler’s latest …
Jessica Bailey

College offers free customized training for industries

Did you know Wilson Community College trains local businesses and industries, oftentimes for free? The college’s customized training program supports the economic development efforts of …
An Indiana University police car is shown on campus. On the heels of a national police reform movement, some student groups are calling on colleges and universities to disband their campus police departments.

Disbanding campus police will make students less safe

The coronavirus is no longer the biggest back-to-school threat, some college students say. The pandemic has taken a back seat to a new bogeyman: campus police. Young activists are calling on their …
Mike Walden

Is it really 2030?

The calendar says 2020, but some say it’s really 2030. Huh? Did we suddenly lose a decade? I, for one, certainly hope not, because that would make me 79 instead of 69. Actually, no one is …
John Hood

New monuments could unify North Carolina

RALEIGH — If you’ve lived in North Carolina for even a few years, you’ve probably formed an opinion about whether statues and monuments honoring Confederate leaders and soldiers …
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