What goes around comes around

Will judicial candidates weigh in on traffic ticket racket?

Congratulations, Chief Oliver

Cooper-Suggs a hardworking leader for Wilson

Why I voted for Trump

Choosing to hate takes a bitter toll

Support candidates who prioritize health care

Catholics and their vote

Butterfield pandering for marijuana vote

What about global warming's benefits?

'Nonsense' favors Trump

Masks not an issue for fair food vendors

Do the right thing

Drive sober or get a ride home this Halloween

Cooper, Biden offer leadership on climate change

Fight for the babies when you vote

Fishing line, hooks harm wildlife

Pandemic cancels Optimist Christmas tree sales

Democrats embrace postmodernism, progressivism

Cooper-Suggs, Fitch qualified to lead

Old wrestlers' debate didn't need referee

Olinger will put Wilson County students first

Biden scandal serves as warning to voters

Trump signs afloat

Democrats' extremism makes choice clear

Another ‘great leap forward’?

Stealing, destroying signs is voter intimidation

Wilson needs a fighter like Cooper-Suggs

Early voting process, precautions work well

Vote for intelligence, moral leadership

Congress should help lymphedema patients

Cooper-Suggs will make Wilson County proud

Olinger perfectly suited for Wilson school board

Cooper-Suggs most qualified to represent Wilson

Trump sign thieves try to silence debate

Wilson’s next step

Job interview would have exposed Trump’s inadequacies

Cooper-Suggs has fortitude, compassion to lead

Don't be fooled into another Trump term

There's no such thing as a nonessential job

Cooper-Suggs committed to Wilson's interests

Hal Tarleton

Election winner will face pressing issues

With Election Day just days away and with millions of voters having already cast ballots by mail or early voting, it’s time to begin thinking about what comes next.  This year’s …
Oliver Hedgepeth

Artificial intelligence is fighting the pandemic

This pandemic infecting Wilsonians, all of America and the world has something working very hard on its solution — artificial intelligence. All of you have been following the news. But …
Mike Walden

Can we agree on some tax concepts?

Taxes are almost always a big part of political elections. Questions about who pays taxes, whether taxes are too high or too low and complexities in the tax system are usually parts of debates and …
Gary Pearce

Election may not be over on election night

Voters and media alike, beware: We may not know the winners on Nov. 3. We may not know until all eligible absentee ballots are counted days later. Voters should stay tuned, and media outlets …
John Hood

Democrats may fall just short

RALEIGH — Of all the important electoral contests on North Carolina’s ballot, our General Assembly races will be among the most consequential. The state legislature funds and sets …
From New England to the California coast, cities have Halloween customs in the crosshairs as coronavirus cases surge and public health officials warn that door-to-door candy collection increases infection risks.

Scary laws won't make Halloween safer

The prospect of police scouring suburban streets to enforce trick-or-treating bans gives a whole new meaning to the term “witch hunt.” From New England to the California coast, cities …
G.K. Butterfield

Your vote counts, so make a plan to cast your ballot

The stakes in this election are too high to wait until the last minute to vote The late civil rights icon and my friend and colleague John Lewis used to say that, “the vote is the most …
Jessica Bailey

Preparing for the surgery (degree)

Did you know that you could earn a degree at WCC to work in the OR? Wilson Community College offers a two-year degree in surgical technology. And the program is an extension of our allied health …
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