Writer’s ‘admission’ falls flat as rebuttal

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Writer’s ‘admission’ falls flat as rebuttal

Re: “Letter writer admits his mistake,” by Ron Taylor, May 9:

“Professor” Taylor, if you think you have done any schooling, you have failed miserably. What makes you an authority on everything that is published or spoken by the media?

I read and heard on TV that the DNC was responsible for putting out the guidelines for disrupting GOP town hall meetings. You say it was the Democratic Congressional Committee. Aren’t they Democrats? Then you start nitpicking with Obama’s immigration papers. The point was that the Democrats are frothing at the mouth to get Trump’s tax returns but there was never much said by the Democrats about Obama’s hidden school records, etc. Wouldn’t you call that a double standard? I am an independent and still question Obama’s citizenship and I believe that’s my right.

You failed miserably at responding to the letter. You were so intent on “knocking” the writer that you never paid any attention or responded to the main thrust of the letter, which was that no Democrat has stood and denounced the rioting that has occurred because of Hillary’s abysmal performance as a candidate for president. No Democrat has stood to denounce the treatment received by Ann Coulter et al at Berkeley and other schools.

It would appear to an outsider that Democrats are all for free speech as long as it’s in line with their beliefs. Maybe Republicans didn’t fully support Obama. He had enough support from the big-money people pulling his strings anyway. You didn’t see any rioting and destruction of property by Republican-led and financed bullies and thugs. Maybe you should write a letter to the DCC suggesting that they start acting like responsible Americans.

You seemed to take objection to the closing: “We’re all Americans, so let’s work together to make America a better place for our kids.” Is there something in the Democratic mantra that disallows working together for a better America? Is it your way or the highway?

Before doing any more schooling, I’d think about doing some studying for graduation. Your Abraham Lincoln quote certainly goes both ways. Please don’t worry though, this writer has very thick skin. His golfing and Moose buddies make sure of that.

Art Tozzi