Work together to keep Wilson County clean

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Re: “Don’t trash our county,” by Deborah Webb, Wednesday:

The night before Ms. Webb’s letter appeared in the paper, my husband and I, bothered by the trashy appearance of the road, spent 1 ½ hours cleaning litter from the east side of N.C. 58 between Packhouse Road and Scotch Highlands. We made it only 0.15 miles before two 55-gallon yard bags were full of trash and darkness was approaching.

How do people justify turning their community into a dump? Do they not care or do they just not think? It is unsightly and reflects poorly on Wilson and our citizens. Would those people heave their cigarette butts, drink cans, bottles and Styrofoam cups, food wrappers and bags, gardening and construction materials, etc. in their living rooms or onto their beds?

Maintaining a clean and attractive hometown is a responsibility that we all can share. Throwing trash from our vehicles is not only wrong, but it is illegal, though it is, understandably, a low priority for law enforcement.

Thus we must all, individually, commit to stop littering and occasionally pick up a bag and clean up the messes that we find. Let’s all pitch in and make Wide Awake Wilson also clean and beautiful.

Katherine Krabill