Wilson’s local heroes enrich, inspire us

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We in Wilson have lost two great icons who will never be replaced.

Lee Gliarmis was a lifelong friend and a great inspiration to all who enjoyed sports and loved life. He was always inspiring people to do better and to never give up.

He carried on the food traditions of his father and he made Dick’s into a community institution. His memory will always be cherished.

Eddie Price was “Mr. Veteran.” Eddie had been in war and he knew that those who had laid their lives on the line for America and for freedom deserved to be loved and cherished at home.

There is another side of Eddie that you may not be aware of. To me, he was the typewriter man. In the ’50s he came to Rock Ridge High School and would overhaul and condition the typewriters for the coming year. I ended up being the first person at Rock Ridge to take typing in the 10th grade. He took the time to show me how these machines work and also how to take them apart and clean them. I always enjoyed being in his company. Wilson is much richer for memories of Lee Gliarmis and Eddie Price.

Also, one of our great living icons, A.P. Coleman is experiencing health problems and is leaving his seat on our Wilson City Council. We need to put this wonderful public servant on our churches’ prayer lists. A.P. is a state leader in agriculture and has served the city of Wilson as a councilman since 1975. He also has the great honor of being president of the North Carolina League of Municipalities. Send him a note and let him know how much he is loved and respected in our community.

We here in Wilson don’t have to look for heroes in Raleigh or Washington — we have a lot of them in Wilson!

Dewey Sheffield