Wilson’s litter problem requires prevention focus

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In reference to and in wholehearted support of a recent letter by Ashley E. Robbins Jr. (“Can Wilson County work together to curb roadside littering?” Jan. 30) I want to clean up our roadsides.

I live in a different part of Wilson County and travel other areas nearby, including a short stretch of the four-lane U.S. 264 into the city of Wilson. I am saddened by the mess along the roads — even Highway 264 is littered with everything from bottles and full household trash bags to construction and industry work-related items. Things blow from trucks and vehicles, many contributors to the trash pile seemingly not aware the items flew off the trailers.

Back in the summer, I picked up the roadsides over a short stretch near my home. In less than a mile on both sides, I filled a large 33-gallon bag.

However, it’s just not enough. The problem is huge, much larger than a few interested people can solve. Deliberate offenders are ignorant, indifferent and lazy.

I reiterate and agree with all points in the Robbins letter — we must show by example and teach our children it has to stop! We have to clean up the mess — we can’t just expect someone else to take care of it! It’s disgusting and sad, and we have to look at it every day.

There are appropriate sites, receptacles and landfills everywhere to put your trash. Let’s educate, step up and prevent this problem!

Judith H. Batts