Wilson County grads’ scholarships top $8.4 million

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When high school graduates from Wilson County Schools head off to various institutions of higher learning this fall, collectively they will be carrying with them $8.4 million in scholarships.

Between Beddingfield, Fike and Hunt high schools and the Wilson Early College Academy, some 422 scholarships were accepted for a total of $8,417,622.

The 2019 graduates were offered a total of $11,534,734 in scholarships.

“That is a nice chunk of change for our folks,” said Lane Mills, superintendent of Wilson County Schools. “I know many students’ parents are very excited about that and we are very proud of the work that they did.”

Hunt High School had the highest number of scholarships with 153 awarded. Some $3,562,870 in scholarships were offered and $2,429,698 was accepted. Hunt had 304 graduates this year.

Fike High School was second with 127 scholarships offered worth $2,326,300 and $2,007,630 being awarded. Fike had 267 graduates this year.

WECA had 83 scholarships for $4 million offered and $2,385,680 awarded. The early college had 75 graduates this year.

Beddingfield High School had 59 scholarships worth $1,645,564 offered and $1,594,614 accepted. Beddingfield had 156 graduates this year.

Mills said 41 students from the four schools enlisted or planned to enlist in the military. Hunt High School led with 22 students enlisting, while Beddingfield High School had 12 enlistees. WECA had four students enlisting and Fike High School had three students enlist.

Wilson County Board of Education Chairwoman Christine Fitch applauded the students’ achievements.

“It is showing that the work we are doing with our students is paying off and they are getting opportunities to further their education,” Fitch said.

Mills said this is the first year that scholarship offerings and awards have been tracked in the school district.

“That’s some data that we will be keeping up with over the next several years, but that is a baseline to get started,” Mills said.