Wilson city government isn’t accountable

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I have sent several letters to the city of Wilson asking for a breakdown on how my taxes are being spent. I want to inspect the books with my own eyeballs to make sure that the city officials are doing right. They did not respond. Just what is going on?

I thought they were our representatives and servants of the people! We should have a right to know everything the government is doing, don’t you think? They are acting like communists and we don’t need these types of people running our government. Please, no more behind-closed-door meetings! They should be held accountable for all of their actions.

It seems like the lawyers have taken over these days. Some rich people can do as they please and use an excuse that they didn’t know right from wrong. A lot of taxpayer money was wasted on the chicken mess with Sanderson Farms. Greed has taken over in Wilson.

If things continue, our city will be just like Detroit — drugs, crime, boarded-up houses and people leaving. It is just a matter of time. We don’t need anymore incentives to get people to relocate here. Just what is going on in the city? Here are a few things:

• Are you aware that our water supply is being contaminated with gasoline at Buckhorn Reservoir? What is going on? Why is this being allowed?

• Are you aware that roosters are not allowed in the city, but I saw a rooster on Green Street? I know the difference. Chickens and roosters should never be allowed in the city. They should move to the county.

• Are you aware that city council members voted themselves a 37 percent raise without taxpayers’ approval? Why is this being allowed?

• Are you aware that the city is putting a lot of regulations and fees on business owners? They can even tell you what locks are required on your front door. We need cheaper housing and less taxes on our main residents.

Danny Etheridge