Wilson author’s novel explores technology, modern communication

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Wilson author Donnie Prince has released his fifth self-published book, “Disonnected: The Airius Mission.”

A fictional book set in today’s time, “Disconnected” revolves around a family consisting of three generations — two teenagers, a son and a daughter, a middle-aged married career couple and two retired grandparents — all of whom are trying to adjust to the changes in the world around them resulting from the expanded use of technology and how those technologies affect the way people work and communicate with each other.

The story looks at real-life situations involving the use of technology and its effects on family life. Subjects include spousal relationships, parents and children’s relationships, online bullying, aging and dementia, sports and education, as well as the job losses in the workplace being caused by corporate mergers and increased use of online sales platforms, and the faith of this Christian family and its church.

The book’s main characters are Steve Smith and his wife Susan. Steve, a public-school superintendent, sees discipline problems rising in schools while student test scores are falling. Steve’s wife Susan, a bank manager, has learned the bank will soon be closing two more branches and Susan is faced with the unpleasant task of laying off half of her workforce because the bank’s new online technology is eliminating their jobs. Meanwhile, their two children, Thomas and Claire, are both addicted to their cellphones and social media.

If things weren’t bad enough for Steve, in two days the Airius satellite will be launched into space. According to the experts, the Airius Mission’s new Skypad technology will reinvent how Americans communicate.

As the launch date approaches, the debate about its impact on society intensifies, making The Airius Mission the most talked-about event of the time, debated in offices, boardrooms and households around the country, and on television, radio and social media outlets from coast to coast.

Once the Airius Satellite is launched, there is an unexpected turn of events. Without warning, people are disconnected from their devices — the ones they’ve come to believe they can no longer live without.

Then, some surprising things begin to happen. People begin talking with each other again. Families become closer. Friendships grow stronger. The economy improves because people are working again. Crime rates and drug abuse decrease. Test scores in school increase. People begin to hope for the future again as they realize how much they all need one another.

Prince said the novel explores technology’s expanding role in society.

“My hope for this book is that it will be used as a conversation starter so that once the book is read together, churches, Sunday school classes, Bible study groups, families, parents and children can discuss what they have read and then express their own views regarding the importance and benefits of better communication,” Prince said. “And that through this process, people will begin to see how important it is for communication to be personal, not through text messages and emails, but with regular uninterrupted conversations face to face and speaking with one another regularly over the phone.”

“Disconnected: The Airus Mission” is a 267-page paperback that retails for $14.99 on Amazon.com and is also available as an e-book. For more information, visit Prince’s website at www.donnieprince.com.

To have a copy signed by the author, contact Prince at his business, The Donnie Prince Agency, 2405 Nash St., Suite C, 252-237-6000.