What freedom means to me

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What freedom means to me is that you have the privilege or the permission to do something or wear something. I now have so much respect for people in the the past who had to go through miserable things for sitting somewhere or drinking in the area where they were not supposed to.

I asked my grandmother what freedom means to her and this is what she told me, “Freedom for me is just being able to sit down and not have people watching me or anywhere I go, it also means to me being able to stay here in America and have the courage to speak in my language without people judging me.”

My grandma has a really good opinion on what freedom means.

Freedom means trust that I can achieve without suspicions. Freedom means equality, that there will be no limitations because of how I look, how I act or who I am. Freedom means unity and that together we can be successful. Together we can fight for what is right, together we can live free. Freedom makes me believe that all can achieve and no one will stand in my way or anyone else’s. My future is bright, because people were brave enough to fight. Everyone would fail if freedom wasn’t there.

What does freedom mean to me? We live in a country that is free.

Thanks to those who died to defend, fought for our nation to the bitter end.

Their courage and strength gave us liberty, so you and I can be free.

As God spreads his grace from sea to sea, we live in this land of opportunity.

In this nation we stand with pride, we must remember those who died.

We still defend our land today, perhaps never before in American history has the word “freedom” been more meaningful. When I think of freedom, I consider the many rights and privileges we enjoy

in this great country. Besides having freedom of speech and worship, we are free to pursue personal goals and become successful. Regardless of race, gender or physical limitations, opportunities abound. Our constitution promises to secure the “blessings of liberty.”

Freedom, however, means more than blessings. Freedom also means the honor of responsibility. As citizens, we should joyfully embrace our duty to preserve our way of life by voting, by following laws, by openly opposing racism and discrimination, by honoring our veterans, police and firefighters and even by paying taxes.

We are free to complain about taxes, but the benefits we receive in return are amazing — benefits such as excellent highways, libraries, parks, police and fire departments and superb public schools. Taxes also help those less fortunate. True freedom means giving as well as receiving and does not come without a price.

Sometimes that price is very high. The passengers of Flight 93, which crashed on 9/11, exemplified the meaning of freedom and democratic ideals. It is said that they took a vote to determine whether or not to act against the terrorists. In those moments of certain terror, they upheld the very principles upon which our government was founded, and, amazingly, they voted. Those heroic Americans epitomize the meaning of freedom.

They gave their lives preserving and defending democracy. We owe them our respect and gratitude. The brave Americans of Flight 93 and the other victims of Sept. 11 paid the ultimate price for freedom.

I think the founding fathers would be proud of them. I know I am. Through them, I more fully appreciate the true meaning and value of freedom.

Marianna Garnica


The writer is a sixth-grader at Forest Hills Middle School. This essay on freedom earned an award from the Sertoma Club of Wilson.