Weathering the storm to see OneRepublic live

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Sunday night I drove to Virginia Beach to see my favorite band OneRepublic in concert for the third time. I have known about the concert since February, but was dragging my feet about buying the tickets.

Friday morning I woke up and decided I was going to the concert and bought lawn seats after inviting a friend.

The trip was extremely last minute and not very well planned but I decided that I wanted to go and I went.

After eating dinner at a beachside bar, we made it to the concert and laid out our blanket on the lawn. It wasn’t long before a man working for the venue began walking through the lawn and handing out free tickets to fill in the vacant seats under the pavilion.

We immediately snatched up the free tickets and made our way under the cover. Not 30 minutes later, the sky turned black as a thunderstorm that the forecast had originally predicted for coming in around midnight reared its head a little early.

The lawn was soon vacant as everyone filled in seats and the aisles. Before the middle of the opening act’s performance, the sky was already flashing with lightning and, if I’m being honest, I was nervous about the weather. But once the main band took the stage, everyone forgot about the lightning storm around us and tuned in to the band’s performance.

The thunder just became part of the beat of the song and the lightning joined the lighting effects that synced with the songs.

The lead singer of OneRepublic Ryan Tedder talked to the audience between songs and many times jumped at the lightning that was happening behind the heads of audience members.

After most of their set, I was anxiously awaiting my favorite song by them and was not going to leave until they played it even if it got us trapped in traffic. After leaving the stage, the crowd went crazy for an encore and sure enough the band returned to the stage to play my favorite song, Counting Stars. Tedder even jumped off the stage and ran through the audience.

Overall, the concert was worth weathering the storm, driving there and back in a day and getting home at 1:30 a.m. It’s not often that I really want to do something like that, but I wanted to do this and I am glad I took it upon myself to make sure I got there.

I am sure the next time the band is touring I will find myself driving long distance to make sure I see them live again.