Vote Farmer-Butterfield for public schools

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I noticed that the gentleman running against my friend Jean Farmer-Butterfield mentioned recently that he was in favor of school vouchers. He’s a public school teacher, and he is in favor of school vouchers. He’s a public school teacher, and he is in favor of jumping on the Republican bandwagon of dismantling North Carolina’s public school system. Enacting a school voucher program to facilitate a mass exodus from public schools is a key portion of their plan.

As a retired Wilson County Schools educator, I take personal offense at the sentiments of Rep. Farmer-Butterfield’s opponent. To imply that a school is in some way ineffective in its goal of serving its students is absolutely wrong, and it raises serious concerns for the students of a teacher who harbors such feelings. Forest Hills Middle is a great school, and the students deserve teachers who believe wholeheartedly in the promise of the schools in which they teach. It seems as if he is just willing to say whatever will further ingratiate himself to Republican bosses who control his purse strings.

Here’s a radical idea — instead of using tax revenue to encourage kids to leave the public school system with vouchers, let’s elect leaders who will use it to give our most experienced teachers the pay they deserve, who will use it to finance upgrades to our school facilities and who understand the important role that public schools play in our communities in eastern North Carolina.

Jean Farmer-Butterfield has always been a champion for public schools. She enjoys the endorsement of the North Carolina Association of Educators, and she has the personal support of this educator as well. A vote for Jean Farmer-Butterfield on Tuesday, Nov. 6 is a vote for North Carolina’s public schools, and I encourage you to support her.

Joan Boykin