VA fails our veterans on transportation and treatment

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Re: “Volunteer drivers needed to help disabled vets” by Ray Chambers, May 21:

I cannot allow this Memorial Day week to go by without paying the utmost respect to our fallen heroes and wounded warriors. Without them, we would be living under a foreign flag without a trace of freedom. I am also inspired by the letter written by Commander Chambers of the DAV, Monday’s letter by William Batchelor and the excellent print coverage in today’s Wilson Times.

The letter from Commander Chambers left me with shock and disgust. I wanted to reach out, yes reach out and publicly denounce the incompetency of the Veterans Affairs bureaucrats and Congress. This VA medical boondoggle needs to end immediately. We have all heard of “Too big to fail;” The VA should be labeled “Too big to succeed.” Each time a new bureaucrat is placed in charge of the VA, it gets worse.

Commander Chambers of Disabled American Veterans Chapter 8 in Wilson describes the problem of a shortage of drivers to transport these disabled veterans to various clinics and hospitals. He should not need any drivers because it is absolutely ridiculous that these veterans have to travel out of town when there are qualified clinics, doctors and a hospital right here in Wilson.

If he or she cannot get the medical treatment here in Wilson, then the VA should provide the veteran with a limo and a driver or plane ticket to transport him where he needs to be. If the nearest treatment is across the country, send him there free of charge with VIP service. I think we can all agree there should be no additional sacrifices for disabled veterans. Any wounded veteran and the family of a person who died for our freedom should live in VIP status the remainder of their life.

.I am a veteran, but thank God, I suffered no physical or mental problems in service, so at the present time I am not in need of the VA. I have Medicare and a supplement that pays my deductible and co-pay. I purchase my generic medicine from the local pharmacy because it is less expensive than from the VA. I see my family doctor on schedule four times each year plus any specialist who is needed. However, I have to waste a day each year and drive to Greenville for my five-minute medical exam.

An ounce of common sense would dictate that my appointment, which is not needed, be allocated to a desperate veteran who is on a two-month wait list. The VA will accept lab reports, X-rays and various med tests from my attending physician, but will not accept his proof of the status of my health. Our tax dollars in action.

Carl Hinson