Trump’s foreign policy: Wrong friends, wrong foes

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Well, it looks like Americans have elected an individual who does not seem to be very cerebral. He talks about cozying up to Russia and North Korea, yet champions trying to identify Iran and Cuba as countries with which we cannot build a relationship. All intelligent people know Russia and North Korea are more dangerous to this country than Iran and Cuba. Has anyone even considered why the government would consider building relationships with Russia and North Korea and not with Iran or Cuba?

Under the Obama administration, steps were taken to begin reaching out to Iran and Cuba. These steps turned out to be fruitful and could have led to better relations. But then along comes Trump, acting like a bull in a china shop, destroying all the gains made by the previous administration. Justifying his actions with a slew of lies perpetrated by a group of right-wing chicken hawks.

I wonder how many uninformed Trump supporters understand what these two countries have in common that makes them a curse to American businesses. I suggest you try educating yourself about who the major benefactors were in Iran under the shah and in Cuba under Batista. Knowing this, one could understand why the people were justified in overthrowing these regimes. Principally, it was the same reason the colonists of this country overthrew British rule.

These businesspeople have the perfect dupe in Trump, continuing to make life miserable for the Iranian and Cuban people. Trump reminds me of a cartoon character I remember as a child. Baby Huey was an oversized baby duck who wasn’t very bright and would always fall for the fox’s scheme. At some point, he would realize the fox was up to no good, and the fox would pay.

I wonder if Trump will ever reach that point of realization? I doubt it; his ego will not allow it.

Merrell Washington

Rocky Mount