Trump’s deficit will hobble Obama-inherited economy

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“Let’s keep a strong economy growing,” writes Ed Feulner, founder of the ultraconservative Heritage Foundation and syndicated columnist whose piece was printed in The Wilson Times on June 18. Mr. Feulner almost went as far as to recognize that today’s roaring economy stems from the efforts of the Obama administration and that continued well into 2018 under the Obama 2016 extended budget.

The fact is the Trump Republican 2018-19 budget will bring back an ever higher deficit — $2.4 billion — due to his tax cuts policy. The myth or lie that his budget is revenue-neutral, and that his tax cuts will pay for themselves leading to a balanced by the end of this decade, is just another falsehood by this narcissistic racist buffoon, but what is, is.

It is easy to hate Trump, a man of so many words of hatred himself. Like father, like son. His dad was a known racist and a crook in his real estate dealings with $2 million of government money in his personal account with the claim that it was only resting there. Born of good genes.

It’s ironic that this misfit is now positioned and poised along with the Republicans to deal a near-fatal blow to the principles of the Democratic Party, the democracy, the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. So, so sad.

William T. “Nick” Smith