Trump’s critics have banal cliches, not facts

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In response to the letter entitled, “Trump a disgrace to the American presidency,” (by William T. “Nick” Smith, Monday) a heartfelt WTF — Where are the facts?

The writer has been reduced to spluttering banalities such as “a disgrace to the office of the presidency” and “this man’s deplorable actions.” Where is the evidence of the disgrace or deplorable actions?

Rather, the public, at least that portion that is not driven by a personal animus toward Trump for being Trump, sees record economic growth, historic low unemployment figures for all demographics, low in new unemployment claims and the highest consumer confidence level in several years. Internationally, North Korea has gone quiescent and the European Union is starting to pony up for its own defense from a Russian threat that may be diminishing due to American oil production and exports.

For the first time in several years, Americans are telling pollsters that the future will be better for their children than it was for them. This future can continue to develop if the voters squelch the Blue Wave that the media and Democratic Party so fervently wish for in order to fulfill the dream of Maxine Waters and others to, “Impeach 45.”

Again, we must ask, where is the evidence that the special counsel has spent 18 months or so looking for to substantiate the writer’s claim of disgraceful and deplorable actions on the part of the president? If anything, evidence seems to indicate that the accusers have committed the crimes of which they accuse Mr. Trump.

Let the critics splutter on and continue to be confounded by inconvenient facts because the rational public wants to allow the president to govern and make America great again.

Tom Haitema