Trump’s behavior shows profound incompetence

Posted 8/7/19


Re: "Trump's 'incompetence' looks a lot like success," by William E. Biddle, Monday: 

President Trump's supporters defend his behavior with sheepish responses like, "Yes, I know he …

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Trump’s behavior shows profound incompetence

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Re: "Trump's 'incompetence' looks a lot like success," by William E. Biddle, Monday: 

President Trump's supporters defend his behavior with sheepish responses like, "Yes, I know he shouldn't act like he does, but..." Even better, "We didn't elect him to be our pastor" or "It's just his style..." Patronizing, but hardly justifying what most Americans see as an insult to national dignity.

The "successes" listed in Mr. Biddle's recent letter may sound good, but further review tells a more thorough story, proving that credit should be shared. Trump's base shows little regard for truth, but ignoring that and accepting the writer's assertions at face value, there is still nothing in that list that could not have been done just as well and even better by using positive strategies.

His hostility is not helping him nor his party. Obviously, he has no interest in appealing to the American majority since he continues to shoot himself and his party in the foot with his dishonorable behavior.  The "good" that he has done doesn't outweigh the damage he has visited on his party and our country. The bully's gravest error is the failure to realize that kindness and compassion are strengths, not weaknesses. They are the instinctive responses of a well-integrated and actualized personality, which is the foundation of competence and effective leadership.  

Persistent counterproductive behavior is a symptom of unhealthy ego and emotional instability. Surely the president wants most Americans to support him and his policies because he certainly wants to be reelected. That is not going to happen as his behavior becomes more irrational. Yet he continues with it, repelling all except his core base, decreasing his re-election chances.  So, either he is incapable of healthy, constructive behavior because of mental fragility or he simply chooses to be mean, hurtful and disrespectful of human rights. 

Neither are desirable traits in leaders of any organization, let alone in the leader of the free world. Such behavior does not reflect competence. Hitting oneself in the head with a hammer will not cure a headache.

Yet, even as I write this, we are mourning the multiple deaths of our neighbors in El Paso and Dayton as the president uses his "blame Obama" tweets to distract us from his incompetence in dealing with the real issues so critical to our country's health and well-being. Competence? Hardly. 

Nancy Nichols Hawley


The writer is president of the Democratic Women of Wilson County.