Trump’s agenda hinges on 2018 elections

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So you think Donald Trump is losing.

Flip this situation over an pretend you are one of those Hillary Clinton supporters. Here is the situation you are in. You have no leadership in your party, you lost the presidential elections, the numbers of Democrats being elected are plunging. Three-fourths of the governors are Republican, you do not control the U.S. House or Senate. Your party cannot raise money, but the Republicans can.

Your entire organization and supporters are relying on fake news and blind emotion to keep your supporters active. When Trump becomes successful in getting significant changes in the tax code and floating an infrastructure bill, a lot of your base will be able to get jobs. Then they will not be available to sit around and worry about their free government benefits and show up for your demonstrations.

The possibility of job creation sparked by tax reductions and infrastructure spending terrifies your Democratic leadership. Working people who can keep their money do not need government programs.

With the passage of a tax reduction bill and the infrastructure program Trump wants and tighter immigration rules, the next step will be to reduce benefits to the welfare crowd. They will then be available to fill the new jobs. Getting those illegals out of the country will make jobs available to U.S. citizens.

Do not think for one minute the liberal Republicans and the Democratic leadership do not see this train coming down the track. It is something they cannot talk about publicly because telling their voters they do not want a better life for them will not get them even one vote.

This is why those who oppose Trump are terrified, and use fake news and lies to counter him. They believe all of Trump’s programs must be stopped. There is a good chance we will not see reforms proposed by Trump until after the 2018 elections.

Republicans are denying and will continue to deny Trump tax reform and an infrastructure program because they know success breeds success. Once Trump gets these two big reforms, the stage is set for other badly needed reforms. Cleaning up Wall Street involves dismantling the too-big-to-fail banks and getting all banks out of speculating. This means going back to Glass-Stegall.

Glass-Stegall says you have to either be a real bank or one of the high-risk commercial banks, you cannot be both at the same time. How nice it would be to know you could depend on your local bank to be solvent and not at risk in world markets. Fixing the corporate hiring and interlocking officers and boards of directors in American industry is necessary to protect stockholders’ interests and make our companies competitive in world markets.

Then there is the goal of shrinking government by shutting down those federal departments like education, energy and half of commerce, including major reductions in payroll in the remaining departments.

All of the people described above have a lot to lose. These are the people living in the swamp. If you think the corporations who abandoned the Trump ship during the past few days were concerned about the comments Trump made about the Charlottesville situation, you are wrong. This is still about money.

All of those “leaders of industry” were looking for a way to get off the Trump bandwagon. From January until now their accounting and finance departments have had time to figure out how the proposed Trump reforms will affect their business. All of them will lose money.

The federal tax code has more than 100,000 pages. Every one of those pages are there for a reason. Every one of these pillars of American capitalism has a few pages in the tax code.

Over the years, their lobbyists have carried sacks of money to those Washington senators and congressmen. They firmly believe they bought and paid for those pages in the tax code. Their accountants have told them to the penny how much reform will cost them.

How can they endorse reform when their lobbyists will be continuing to deliver sacks full of money to the honorable senators and congressmen? They wanted out and they wanted out bad. The press provided them with a perfect excuse. But we know the real reason they bolted for the door. They want to continue their corrupt government practices.

Donald Trump is not losing. The fake liberal press is lying overtime to make you believe he is losing. The liberals, socialists, Democrats, RINOs and government leaches are terrified. They cannot move the ball either.

Trump can make some small gains, he has a lot of executive privileges and he is using them. His next big job is to win the 2018 elections.

Hood Richardson is a Beaufort County commissioner whose column, “I’d Rather Be Right,” appears on BeaufortObserver.com, a conservative news and commentary outlet.