Trump’s lack of leadership may result in his resignation

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Trump’s lack of leadership may result in his resignation

Re: “What if Russia expected a Clinton victory?” by Mark Levin, July 20:

Mark, I guess it would be foolish to ask if you feel that the so-called mainstream media is treating President Trump unjustly for his, let is say, massaging the facts as he often does in his attempt to misguide the voters on his present accomplishments to date. Look no further than the top 10 campaign promises to be initiated in his first 100 days in office. So sad.

How would you evaluate his treatment as in comparison to that of the Republicans and Fox News in, say, their actions to persecute both President Obama’s handling of the economy mess left to him by the Republican administration of George W. Bush, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s so-called Benghazi boondoggle?

There were seven Republican-led congressional hearings and 11 straight hours of testimony by Clinton where no wrongdoing was found against the secretary, nor dereliction of duty. Now is the time for this president to show some stamina as he so often said that Mrs. Clinton lacks.

This president is in over his head, his lack of ability to bring policy to fruition, and with the Republicans in control of both houses of Congress, is proof of his ineptness and lack of leadership coupled with his constant misrepresenting the truth, which is embarrassing to our constitutional democracy, plus the lack of integrity found in this administration.

I predict President Trump will go the way of President Nixon and resign the presidency before his term ends. The only dark side of such an action is he would be replaced by his dashboard bobblehead, Vice President Mike Pence.

This Trump presidency is founded in the tangled web of deceit.

William T. “Nick” Smith