Trump’s falsehoods further cut credibility

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Trump’s falsehoods further cut credibility

Re: “Republican leadership from WWII to 9/11” by Bill O’Boyle, Monday:

Ditto to Bill and Linda.

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave as we practice to deceive,” a most appropriate statement to sum up the Trump administration’s activities to date.  We Democrats accept that Trump is president, although he didn’t win the popular vote.

He lost by 3 million votes, and his approval rating verifies that position, remaining in the low 40 percentile. Yes,we Democrats are disappointed, but take comfort that we didn’t elect this Frankenstein, you Republicans did.

Lies and deception have been this president’s, his advisers and selected Cabinet members’ hallmarks from the start. In the last 40-plus days in office he has made, let’s say 114 and growing, false statements — all recorded, verified and posted on Google, or any legitimate site.

• Claim: Trump said he called for the largest increase in defense spending in American history.

• Fact: The 10 percent historical increase is actually quite average.

• Claim: The murder rate in the U.S. is the highest it has been in 47 years.

• Fact: The homicide rate is near historic lows; in 2014 and 2015 it was the lowest in 40 years.

These kinds of misleading statements are common to Trump’s dissertation, look at his flimflam:  To divert suspicion of wrongdoing with him and his administration and the Russians, he fabricated the story that President Obama wiretapped his political headquarters in the Trump Towers, so sad.

It is time our president goes forth engaging our Congress under oath to disprove this boondoggle with the Russian government. In this respect, the president needs to release present and past tax returns, an action that could expel those doubts hanging over him and his administration.

William T. “Nick” Smith