Trump’s actions endanger America’s greatness

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Trump’s actions endanger America’s greatness

The leaders of the majority of the industrialized nations of the world are playing President Trump like the devil’s fiddle. He has told so many lies and made misleading statements in his first six months in office it is hard to tell fact from fiction.

The president lives and functions in a world of fake news of his own making. He just does not have the IQ to compete on the same stage or at the same level of his counterparts that are capable, and he and his advisory staff lack that basic know-how to formulate policy as his record shows. The Donald may come across as a tough guy with his base of blind followers who have chosen not to see the true origin on fake news, so sad. A prominent conservative and past presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, hit the nail right on the head when referring to Trump as a phony and a fraud.

Well, the big meeting between Trump and Putin at the G20 is now history. The Donald got the answer to the question he was looking for by asking Vladimir, “Old buddy, old pal, did you have any, anything to do with swaying our presidential election in my favor?

“Absolutely not.”

There you have it, folks, from one comrade to another, confirmed.

“That’s good, Putey, now I can call off those misguided witch hunts back home and concentrate on finding those missing emails that Clinton woman is hiding, and those 5 million illegal voters who denied me my landslide victory. Vladimir, if you would like to lend a hand in that hacking cybersecurity mess back home, I would be honored. Give me a call.”

William T. “Nick” Smith