Trump won fair and square; Obama’s sad legacy

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Trump won fair and square; Obama’s sad legacy

Re: “Trump’s falsehoods further cut credibility:”

Nick: I swear I chuckle whenever I read your letters. Thank you for the comic relief. I believe you must be suffering from selective memory loss.

You say that “we Democrats” accept that Trump is president, then you couch it by adding that he didn’t win the popular vote. First off, when you say “we Democrats,” I wonder if you have a mouse in your pocket. The rioting has calmed down but there’s still a lot of crying and blubbering going on. The sad part is that all those “true American heroes,” the Hollywood dingbats who promised they were leaving if Trump got elected, haven’t gone. Now we have to return all the donations to buy their tickets out of the country.

If you studied civics in high school, you should have learned the popular vote doesn’t count in a presidential election, so why bring it up? Should we believe Hillary was the most popular? No, it’s just that the greatest percentage of dingbats tend to congregate around big cities like Chicago, Detroit, LA/Hollywood and San Francisco. The exact reason why we have the Electoral College.

The real people who will make America great again are spread out across the country in the small and medium-sized towns like Wilson. They go to work every day, pay taxes and raise families to be good Americans. They worship God in many capacities and try to look out for their fellow man. Did you see any riots when Obama was elected?

You call President Trump a Frankenstein. What was Obama, a tower of knowledge and integrity? Here’s some info on your great Obama:

• The great “stimulus” heist: Obama grabbed almost a trillion dollars for “stimulus” spending, created virtually zero private-sector jobs and allowed a great deal of the money to vanish into thin air.

• Operation Fast and Furious

• Spying on journalists

• The IRS scandal: Selective targeting of conservative groups

• Iran nuclear deal and ransom payment

You want Trump’s tax returns. We couldn’t even get Obama’s college transcripts, but he did tell us he smoked pot.

Art Tozzi