Trump, the narcissist-in-chief

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There are many difficult questions in dire need for answers in today’s efforts to keep America great along with world obligations that require leadership and judgment of sound-minded individuals. These needed attributes are lacking in our president and in his cabinet members and senior advisers.

Today we are faced with many catastrophic problems from potential nuclear war with North Korea, the nation’s opioid epidemic, the catastrophe of super storms due to climate change and most of all, the Donald Trump presidency.

President Donald J. Trump is a pathological liar, a condition that encompasses habitual and compulsive lying behavior. It has been documented that in the last 7 months alone, he has lied or misstated the facts and truth more than 1,000 times. Lies are the major component of fake news, and The Donald the master in-chief of both.

President Trump could be a poster boy for narcissistic personality disorder, for he has many of the symptoms from past and present actions and attitude. He takes these actions to satisfy that portion of his base of bigots with the need for red meat. You be the judge by matching the symptoms to his actions, past and present, it is not a difficult task.


• A grandiose sense of self importance,

• Is preoccupied with fantasy of unlimited success.

• Believes that he is special and unique.

• Requires excessive admiration.

• Has a very strong sense of entitlement.

• Is exploitative of others.

• Lacks empathy.

• Is often envious of others.

• Regularly shows anger.

William T. “Nick” Smith