Trump lies 16 times a day; supporters don’t know or don’t care

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Facts don’t matter to President Trump’s supporters, and he knows it.

Washington Post fact-checker Glen Kessler, who has been fact-checking politicians for the last 10 years, reports that President Trump in his first year of office made 2,140 false claims. Kessler says, “over the last six months, the president nearly doubled that number of lies with a total of 4,229 falsehoods, averaging 16 lies a day in June and July.”

So why does he continue to lie more and more — and why do his supporters choose to believe him despite the facts that prove he is lying?

The president knows some members of his base doesn’t even realize he is lying. The lies are what they want to believe. They aren’t going to check, so they are gullible. He knows how easy it is to impress some with power and money. His supporters are like those who stand menacingly behind the playground bully. When he said so boastfully that he could murder someone on Fifth Avenue and it wouldn’t make any difference, he revealed to all that he knew his power over his supporters.

There are others who know he is lying, but they benefit from it. The president will get them what they want. Lots of big business interests, and a majority in Congress support him. They exploit the president; through practice they know exactly how to do it. Lies, power, threats and misrepresentation get them what they want, and they use the president’s own game to get what they want from him. Since we apparently have accepted pathological behavior as the norm now, they are free to show their true motives of self-interest and greed. In the Trump world, lying is a work skill, a means to an end. Ridiculing, using and demeaning others is a show of strength.

Sadly, even though the letter to the editor in Monday’s paper (“Tirades, trade war harm Trump presidency,” by Dail Turner) is well substantiated, Trump supporters will simply choose to accept the president’s lies either because they want what he says to be true or because what he says serves them well.

Hopefully, though, those of us who are not distracted by the few good things he may have done (even a blind pig...) will strike a blow for democracy and good sense by voting him and his accomplices out of office in the coming elections.

Nancy Nichols Hawley