Trump just as ‘presidential’ as predecessors — and more effective

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Re: “Trump lies 16 times a day; supporters don’t know or don’t care,” by Nancy Nichols Hawley, Saturday:

Do you live in a bubble or are you just totally naïve? You speak about Glen Kessler being a fact-checker for The Washington Post. The Washington Post and truth and facts is an oxymoron. That paper is so left-wing that the pendulum doesn’t even reach center. According to you, Kessler says President Trump made 2,140 false claims in the first year. Is he sure it wasn’t 2,145 or maybe only 2,020? Was he in Trump’s pocket?

If you’re going to accuse someone, how about providing some facts? What were his lies? You sound like Dr. Ford. Something happened, but you don’t know when or where it happened. In the meantime, you ruin the life of a man and his family. You say that Trump lies. Do you know any politicians who don’t lie?

Now for some facts — there is a real scumbag Democratic senator by the name of Blumenthal. You probably recognize the name because he had his puss stuck in front of the camera every chance he got during the Kavanaugh hearing. He said, and I quote: “It will defy all sense of morality to go forward this Friday with a vote.” This is the same senator who on numerous occasions lied about serving in Vietnam, thus besmirching the honor of 58,000 men and women who gave their lives for their country during that war.

The senator, though, doesn’t feel he lied — he says he misspoke. This dirtbag is so low he could slither under the belly of a snake and the snake would never know it.

We also hear that Trump isn’t presidential. What is that — wearing a suit and talking sweetly? Was JFK presidential? He chased every skirt that walked past. His brother Teddy killed a woman and ran.

How about Clinton? Was he presidential with Monica and all his other women? How about Obama? He wore a suit and talked pretty. He gave 1.4 billion taxpayer dollars in cash to the Iranians. He bowed down to the Saudi prince and gave guns to the Mexicans. He gave Solyndra $500 million and the business failed.

I’ll take Trump. He’s a businessman and gets things accomplished.

Arthur Tozzi