Trump-hater has an obsession, not an alternative

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Re: “Trump a disgrace to the American presidency,” by William T. “Nick” Smith, Sept. 3:

Congratulations, Nick, you have reached a new pinnacle of hatred and done so with very few words. Did you have a pity party or hate party with like-minded letter-writers to forge this latest example of your literary excellence?

You may be unaware, but there aren’t many in Wilson who give a rat’s patootie how you feel about Donald Trump. Sadly, Donald Trump will never know your deep feelings for him. If someone did tell him, I’m sure it would ruin his day.

You want to put Trump’s picture as a mug shot in the post office. That’s almost as comical as the presidential gallery of honor. Is Obama in there? What’s his picture, the back end of the Democratic jackass? How about “Slick Willie” — what is his honorable picture, a cigar or maybe a convention of Broadway hookers or a U-Haul with all the furnishings he and Hillary stole when they left the White House?

Next you say that his staff bows to his ego and lie without concern for their own integrity. How do you know this? Did you interview his staff? No, it’s just your flapjaw, or you’ve been listening to CNN too long and they can’t get anything right.

Being a liberal and with all your hate, what’s next? Is there a statue you’d like to tear down, or maybe find some conservative politician having dinner with his/her family and antagonize them? Maybe you could go to D.C. I hear that Chuck Schumer and the DNC are paying people to protest the Judiciary Committee hearings on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. You could really vent your hate and anger there.

Have you ever considered taking a responsible stance and writing a positive letter? God forbid, but suppose you were president, tell the readers how you would right all the wrongs and make America greater than ever. Sadly, having read your previous letters, it’s probably make the rich pay more taxes so the dirtbags who pay no taxes and don’t want to be productive can live off welfare and everything else is free. Good luck there.

Art Tozzi