Trump, GOP to blame for soaring national debt

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Republicans accuse Democrats of socialism for backing necessary social and climate change policies and for the soaring debt.

The scare tactics and false statements never change. They said the same things about Social Security and Medicare (Democratic initiatives).

The national debt has soared, but its percentage increase was greatest under Republican presidents, mostly for tax cuts and war.

Conservatives stay mum to the fact that Republican presidents are the worst deficit spenders.

Reagan was by far the worst. He was the first president to push the national debt into trillions, increasing it to $1.8 trillion, from Carter’s $300 billion, a 600 percent increase.

“W” quadrupled the national debt, a 400 percent increase over Clinton.

Both did it for tax cuts for the rich and, for Bush, wars that left the economy in tatters: no infrastructure rebuilding, no help for student debt, no climate change energy policies, no increase in the minimum wage. Just tax cuts and war.

Obama looks like a conservative next to these guys. He doubled his predecessors’ debt, to keep the economy from being flushed down a Bush toilet.

See https://howmuch.net/articles/usa-debt-by-president/.

Trump is closing in on Obama’s spending.

His manufacturing renaissance never materialized — those pesky tariffs! — but tax cuts for the rich continue.

Donald Trump is an ethical black hole with character that should have exempted him from the job of president, however, anyone who understood money would never have supported him.

In real estate, “Trump followed the same pattern his entire life: invest in ‘trophy properties,’ over-leverage, face a debt call (from banks) and turn to his father for help.”

After Fred Trump died, Donald Trump turned to the Russians for that help.

Trump is a bankrupt and a fiduciary and financial cheat, repercussions from which he was insulated by his father’s name and wealth.

We may not be able to touch Trump in office, but he’ll never know a moment’s legal peace and later might very well go to prison.

If you want fiscal conservatism and smart social policy, back Democrats.

Don’t be fooled by strawmen again.

Deborah A. Baro