Trump critics unwise to curry favor with Iran

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Re: “Trump’s Iran sanctions could backfire in a big way,” by Cyrus Shamloo, Monday:

I am bewildered how so many Americans are concerned with what other countries “think” about America but don’t give a fig about what those countries stand for.

Iran, who shouts “Death to America” and funds terrorist groups who murder innocents, our allies and would murder us if they had access to Americans, might be offended!


“Death to America” means they want Trump critics dead, single black mothers dead, transgender people dead, seniors dead, your family and neighbors dead, yet and some of you are worried about Iran’s feelings? What they think of us? We know what they think of America — we are Satan and must be eliminated.

I, for one, think it is wise, nay, brilliant, to keep them guessing and off balance and unable to decipher our plans.

That is called “strategy.” There is a longstanding term for stating our goals, removing sanctions and making friends with barbaric, bloodthirsty regimes — it’s called “appeasement.”

When we don’t even damage equipment after vessel seizures and shooting down of our drone, we don’t need to be lectured about civility by a culture who rapes, beheads and funds terror.

Perhaps its the true “bad guys” who need the lecture.

And if European nations wish to cooperate, support and play footsie with Iran, those might be nations led by fools, cowards and governments we shouldn’t trust.

I don’t want America compromising principles, wisdom and preparedness to woo “broad consensus.” Broad consensus in Europe led to Nazism. I want America to play hardball — very hard ball, with bloodthirsty, corrupt, hateful autocrats.

Mark Levin