Trump continues long trend of failures, lies

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Trump continues long trend of failures, lies

Once, the idea that the president “exaggerated” seemed an element of strategy. Now it’s used to bully, deny, build his ego, confuse and spend taxpayers’ money.

He said his office is tapped? He won more than the vote count?

He denigrated opponents. Lied about them. Suggested Russia bring them down. Told us he would improve health plans. A quick, affordable, plan enrolling more, and with lower premiums. The GOP plan taking away Medicaid would hurt seniors and the poor. We’ll lose either 33 million or 24 million people off insurance with GOP plans under Trump.

Premiums up. Losses in Medicaid. And we have burdened the old and poor by taking their allocation and giving it to rich people as a tax break.

This president is not presidential. He advocated and said he would pay court costs for supporters’ violence. Misread reports, then attacked the mayor of London mercilessly. He denigrates women saying they enjoy his groping but certain ones he openly makes unkind remarks about. His wife ignores the insults. His thin-skinned ego is partly why Putin saw opportunities using Trump — only Putin is the one with the trump card up his sleeve, or in his pocket.

Housing is dropping, not being added. Immigration has not been vetted any better than it was. Mexico is not paying for the wall. Tax cuts go to the richest 2 percent of citizens. Prescription drugs are not cheaper and coal is not coming back.

Trump said Medicaid and Medicare were safe and eventually we’d see his tax records. Like the nonexistent White House tapes he held over Comey’s head for 41 days.

Trump has misled, but it’s actually lying. He’s misjudged, failed to ethically admit his broken promises. The Obama birther claims spanned years. Then students struggled for years until he settled his Trump University suit. And then there are the six bankruptcies.

Each day, Trump is less presidential and hurting more and more people. I’m guessing he borrowed from our enemy Russia in violation of U.S. sanctions. We’ll see.

Bob Plesha
Elm City