Trump comparison no compliment to Sheriff Woodard

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Re: “Woodard is doing great things for Wilson County,” by Dixie Wyatt, May 2:

I read with some interest the response from an avid devotee of the current sheriff. I had to agree that he seems at times to be a fine leader; certainly someone who knits the community using an application of services both fair and orderly. But when she alluded to him being akin to Trump, I had to first laugh — thinking it was humor or hyperbole — and eventually realizing it was a political ploy.

Just in the last sentences she made a comment that liberals did not appreciate him and he would not be bought, just like Donald Trump. She ended in chaotic assumption. Trump abused women more than tenfold. Bankrupt six times. His record of lying — available on the internet — includes up to 2,000 lies in 12 months and 2,024 in 14 months, take your pick. For example, telling people he called the presidents of Mexico and Sweden and the prime minister of Australia when he did not and saying he did not spend nights in Russia contrary to records.

Surely Sheriff Woodard is far more reputable — less misogynistic and foul-mouthed or bullyish — than her conclusions. Plus I know of many liberals who feel he is doing fine, contrary to her politically charged assumption.

Trump is imperial, white, a bully, rich and trash. Wrong comparison. Wrong conclusions and certainly demeaning to the sheriff. He is nothing like Donald Trump at all.

Now, John Mc Cain, aha. Let’s compare the sheriff to him. Rule of law; more of a fit. Just not as wealthy, eh?

Bob Plesha

Elm City