Tricare, Medicare systems far from perfect

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Tricare, Medicare systems far from perfect

Re: “Is health care a right or a privilege?” by William T. “Nick” Smith, Monday:

Nick, just a couple of points related to your letter:

1. Who collects taxes but the government?

2. You mention Tricare as an example of how government-subsidized care can work? In a website about complaints from recipients, I found (a) dropped without notice, even though seven weeks were left in the quarter (b) poor service and (c) coverage issues for dependents of ex-spouses on active duty.

3. As to Medicare, (a) Clinton had to push a Medicare surtax through Congress to save it during his presidency. (b) The Medicare trustees predict it will be bankrupt by 2028. (c) The Congressional Budget Office predicts 2026. (d) Medicare Part B will spending will go from the current $648 billion to $1.5 trillion within a generation. (e) The CBO also predicts that, under the ACA, most hospitals and skilled nursing facilities will be in the red by 2040, according to Robert E. Moffit of the Heritage Foundation.

Considering these numbers, I’m glad Republicans are arguing over Trumpcare. You will remember that Obamacare was so hastily put together that the websites didn’t even work.

Bill O’Boyle
Elm City