Transgender inclusion threatens girls’, women’s sports

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Democrats in the House have passed the most oppressive law for women, mandating all schools must allow transgender males to participate in girls’ sports. This will eventually end all female sports, if not vetoed. Outrage should be all Americans’ reaction.

Where will the so-called liberal “fairness” end? Schools are ending competition in scholastics by elimination of valedictorian awards for graduates. Corporal punishment is non-existent in most schools for violent and disruptive behavior. Test scores are being lowered so more illiterate “disadvantaged” students will pass. Yet no one understands why students are not offered high-paying jobs. College degrees are given out like candy at Christmas parades, with rich parents’ bribes for entrance and grades.

Jealousy and greed have become the mentors of our youth, who then choose not to work for excellence. Their lack of tolerance for those who do achieve high goals by working hard is appalling.

Why have our youth become so gimme-oriented is easy to see. Our leaders in Congress have set examples that create an atmosphere that creates laziness, jealousy and greed. Examples:

• Members of Congress who continue to attack our president and his administration by lies, fake dossiers and false investigations. Plus no respect for his accomplishments.

• Cover-ups of sexual harassment in Congress.

• Members of past administrations contacting our enemies.

• Members of Congress who support criminals in our country, providing food, health care, housing and money. Help that exceeds support for our citizens.

• Members of Congress who do not pass laws that eliminate the rapists, murderers and child molesters, but instead support endless appeals, early releases and country club prisons.

Our youth see these endless clashes of verbal hate for our laws and lack of accountability by these inept politicians. This is an example of our government to guide our youth?

I could list thousands of examples of how Congress is corrupt and its members have become millionaires, but another section of the paper would be required.

We must set excellence as a goal for our youth, with accountability, high morals and equality. Equality does not mean allowing boys and men to dominate or participate in girls and women’s sports.

We must start by insisting that we have the very best leaders in Congress and all public offices. They must be required to pass competency, IQ, economics and U.S. history tests.

They must be required to support this nation and this nation alone. They must be required to have and show proof of any monetary benefits from all sources while in office, including all family members. They must obey all laws and not be exempt from any law, including health care and benefits laws. No special exemptions from any law.

The bar must be raised at all levels, including our government.

Ashley E. Robbins Jr.

Elm City