To reveal or not to reveal?

Women take different routes to discover their babies’ genders

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This Saturday I went out of town to Richmond, Virginia, for my best friend’s baby’s gender reveal party.

She and her boyfriend invited about 20 of their closest friends and family and unwrapped a teddy bear that was going to be dressed in either a football uniform or a little dress based on the gender of their baby.

All week she and I talked about how she wanted to find out early and that she didn’t think that she could wait until Saturday for the reveal to find out.

Gender reveal parties are a fairly new idea, and I know many friends of mine have had them. So it really got me thinking what I will be like when I am in this situation in the future.

Will I have a party and find out surrounded by friends and family? Will I open an envelope at home with Matt and enjoy the intimate moment together? Or will I have the ultrasound technician tell me in the office because I will need to know right that moment?

If I know myself like I think I do, I believe I will be the latter.

My friend told me that her boyfriend locked the box with the teddy bear for their reveal in his truck for the week, so she wouldn’t be tempted to look ahead of time. I don’t know how she didn’t throw a rock through that truck window and grab the box anyway. I mean if it was in my belly, I would want to know what I was cooking.

Another couple that Matt and I are friends with recently gave birth back at the beginning of the month. They waited their entire pregnancy to find out the gender of their child. They said that they wanted to do it the old-fashioned way.

I cannot imagine having that kind of will power. I will say, however, that the moment their son was born must have been even more emotional than normal because they didn’t know what they were going to have until the moment he was born.

I know when I get preganant I will need to know the gender of my baby as soon as possible. I will not care about creating the perfect memory because simply finding out what your child will be is a perfect memory no matter the way you choose to do so.

And for those of you wondering, the teddy bear was dressed in a football uniform.

It’s a boy!