Tired gun control arguments fall flat

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Re: “Youth cry out for sane gun law reforms,” by Dave Hager, Monday:

I read your letter. My first instinct was to trash it as just more left-wing flapjaw, but then decided to take a shot — pun intended — at a response. Unfortunate that you didn’t get to read “Talk Back” before writing your epistle. One writer said; “Guns are harmless tools. No one has ever been killed by a firearm. Demonizing an inanimate object because you can’t think logically is absurd.” Hit the nail right on the head, didn’t he?

You say 73 teens have been killed recently. How about 926,000 abortions being performed in one year, 2014, and 45 percent of those women reported having a previous abortion? And 324,000 were performed by Planned Parenthood, which is funded by taxpayer dollars.

Where’s your outrage Dave? Sorry, can’t hear you.

I’m certainly sympathetic to anyone being killed. I’m not sympathetic to you snowflakes using these innocent kids for your own gain. They had big rallies in D.C. and other places. Did the kids pay for the logistics of those rallies with their lunch money or weekly allowance?

It’s obvious you know little about guns or the military. Your words, “there’s no reason you should own a military-grade gun.” The Colt .45 semi-automatic pistol with nine-round magazine was carried by most officers and senior noncommissioned officers during Vietnam, fires as fast as the AR-15 and is owned by millions of Americans. The .38 caliber pistol and 12-gauge shotgun are both used by the military and owned by millions of Americans.

My Christmas goose is in jeopardy if you take my shotgun. Now the mayor of London, another dingbat left-wing loony, wants to ban knives. There goes my steak. Watch out, Buddy Bass, they’re coming after your pencils next.

Put the blame where it belongs — not on law-abiding citizens but on the shooters and all the folks who had knowledge of their proclivities and failed to react to the threat. Blame the schools for lack of adequate security but mostly, blame those parents who have no idea of how to be a parent and turn over their kids every day hoping the school will be the parent.

Now I feel better. Hope you’ll write something worthwhile in the future, Dave.

Art Tozzi