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Times shows encouraging community support

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While this was briefly mentioned in a recent article, many may not be aware that our hometown paper is quietly supporting some of Wilson’s best people.

If you have had the privilege of volunteering for Home-Delivered Meals, you already know these individuals. Our homebound community is bursting with an untapped richness, full of joy, love and humor despite the infirmities that bind them. The Wilson Times is to be applauded for recognizing this by giving each Home-Delivered Meals recipient a daily paper. 

In a time of overarching technology, the written word of our local paper still contains far more community information than any website or Facebook page. By freely sharing this resource with those in our local meal delivery program, The Wilson Times is not just talking the community talk, but walking the community walk.  Kudos to our daily paper for supporting access to information, no matter the age!

Silvia Judd