Time to pave Wilson County’s dirt roads

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I have lived in Wilson County all my life and we raised our family here just as my parents and my grandparents did. Our children are now raising their children here as well. We live out

in rural Elm City, and this is home sweet home to our family! It’s our heritage.

I have for the most part enjoyed living on the very dirt road that my daddy and his family along with his neighborhood pals grew up, played and worked the farm on. Those days go back. Way back.

But today we are approaching 2020 and we have not gotten any younger. The sentimentality of this old dirt road, I am sorry to say, is fading. Fighting the dust and dirt, watching people disregard speed limitations because dirt roads do not require a speed limit regulation sign is getting old!

You pressure wash, mow, take care of your property and wash your car like good citizens, but this time of year is a special challenge. Farmers are busy bringing in equipment and doing the necessary things that make farming possible. People are coming and going. But sometimes we think we are living in the dust bowl!

Don’t get me wrong! We appreciate very much the projects going on to help the highways in and about our county. So maybe while the improvements are underway, consideration could be given to those of us still living on Ervin Place in Elm City.

Bring us into the present day. Sentiment is fading fast in our older years!

Rita Skinner

Elm City