The Brittany lives on

From staff reports
Posted 3/11/19

Game results and Sportsmanship Award winners from The Brittany XV, played Friday and Saturday at Gillette Soccer Complex and Fike High.


Friday’s Matches


Ardrey …

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The Brittany lives on

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Game results and Sportsmanship Award winners from The Brittany XV, played Friday and Saturday at Gillette Soccer Complex and Fike High.


Friday’s Matches


Ardrey Kell 2, Millbrook 1

Sportsmanship Winners— Ardrey Kell: Lauren Harris; Millbrook: Nicole Perdomo.

Hickory Ridge 2, New Hanover 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Hickory Ridge: Chloe Castor; New Hanover: Liza Mclatchy.

Leesville Road 2, Jacksonville 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Leesville Road: Mackenzie Gower; Jacksonville: Samantha Scott.

Clayton 5, Swansboro 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Clayton: Megan Flockhart; Swansboro: Kimmie Ross.

Marvin Ridge 2, Corinth Holders 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Marvin Ridge: Lauren Araya; Corinth Holders: Nicole Worley.

West Carteret 2, Fike 0

Sportsmanship Winners— West Carteret: Allison Johnson; Fike: Jah’asia Pernell.

Croatan 2, Clinton 1

Sportsmanship Winners— Croatan: Cora Taylor; Clinton: Kayla Yang.

Parrott Academy 9, North Johnston 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Parrott Academy: Lindsey Thomas; North Johnston: Jessica House.

Rocky Mount Academy 6, Wayne Country Day 4

Sportsmanship Winners— Rocky Mount Academy: Isabel Smith; Wayne County Day: Macy Floyd.

East Carteret 6, Rocky Mount 1

Sportsmanship Winners— East Carteret: Chandler Dixon; Rocky Mount: Madeline Dalsimer.


First Flight 3, Hunt 0

Sportsmanship Winners— First Flight: Lauren Montgomery; Hunt: Rachel Cox.

Laney 1, Chapel Hill 1

Sportsmanship Winners— Laney: Courtney Dwertman; Chapel Hill: Skyler Naderer.

Broughton 2, Hickory 2

Sportsmanship Winners— Broughton: Annie Agar; Hickory: Lauren Hayes.

New Bern 2, Enloe 1

Sportsmanship Winners— New Bern: Hailey Brien; Enloe: Snigdha Sompalli.

Rose 0, East Chapel Hill 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Rose: Emily Schmidt; East Chapel Hill: Lindsey Lafevre-Jones.

Ashley 1, Cardinal Gibbons 1

Sportsmanship Winners— Ashley: E.B. Hancock; Cardinal Gibbons: Molly Corgan.

Cleveland 3, Washington 1

Sportsmanship Winners— Cleveland: Lindsay Plaster; Washington: Alice Jones.

White Oak 6, Currituck 2

Sportsmanship Winners— White Oak: Mia Fuentes; Currituck: Whitney Shilling.


Saturday’s Matches


Clinton 7, Havelock 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Clinton: Bailey Spell; Havelock: Rhianon Colantoni.

Franklin Academy 9, Cape Fear 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Franklin Academy: Cassie Kishpaugh; Cape Fear: Aniyah Hair.

Princeton 5, Beddingfield 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Princeton: Ruthie Hester; Beddingfield: Jenna Batchelor.

Durham School Of The Arts 1, Greenfield 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Durham School Of The Arts: Emma Humphreys; Greenfield:  Sumer Hassan.

Bartlett Yancey 2, East Wake 1

Sportsmanship Winners— Bartlett Yancey: Katherine Wallace; East Wake: Lilly Bates.

Nash Central 3, Northeastern 1

Sportsmanship Winners— Nash Central: Sarah Radjail; Northeastern: Ellie Hornthal.

Northern Nash 1, Pasquotank 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Northern Nash: Kylar Wiggins; Pasquotank: Elizabeth Brothers.

Smithfield-Selma 6, Neuse Charter 1

Sportsmanship Winners— Smithfield-Selma: Johanna Pacheco; Neuse Charter: Daja Staton.

Southwest Onslow 4, Franklinton 1

Sportsmanship Winners— Southwest Onslow: Kasey Wacker; Franklinton: Hayla Ahmaditorshizi.


Hunt 2, Hickory Ridge 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Hunt: Sophia Fox; Hickory Ridge: Allie Whitestone.

Marvin Ridge 1, Fuquay-Varina 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Marvin Ridge: Maddy Baucom; Fuquay-Varina: Maddie Smith.

Garner Magnet 4, Swansboro 3

Sportsmanship Winners— Garner Magnet: Morgan Thomas; Swansboro: Lilly Rust.

Fike 1, West Johnston 1

Sportsmanship Winners— Fike: Grace Collins; West Johnston: Carrington Mack.

Hickory 3, Enloe 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Hickory: Jess Lafrancis; Enloe: Lillie Mollot.

Grays Creek 3, Topsail 1

Sportsmanship Winners— Grays Creek: Gabi Jones; Topsail: Elizabeth Canfield

D.H. Conley 2, Apex Friendship 1

Sportsmanship Winners— D.H. Conley: Gabrielle Kirkman; Apex Friendship: Abby Cowell.

DASH United 7, South View 2

Sportsmanship Winners—DASH United: Ally Mcclean; South View: Kyra Delaney.


Raleigh Charter 2, East Duplin 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Raleigh Charter: Mary White; East Duplin: Elyse Press.

Union Pines 4, Dixon 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Union Pines: Trinity Balloue; Dixon: Anna Fretwell.

Ardrey Kell 1, Chapel Hill 1

Sportsmanship Winners— Ardrey Kell: Nicole Perdomo; Chapel Hill: Alex Kerr.

Rose 1, East Carteret 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Rose: April Zeng; East Carteret: Gracie Somers.

First Flight 4, Jacksonville 3

Sportsmanship Winners— First Flight: Emma Byard; Jacksonville: Shelly Voyles.

Corinth Holders 1, Laney 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Corinth Holders:  Kaelin Sanderford; Laney: Sabine Felix.

Ashley 6, Currituck 1

Sportsmanship Winners  Ashley — Lucy Jennings-Gilbert; Currituck — Jaden Hobbs.

Fayetteville Academy 5, South Central 3

Sportsmanship Winners— Fayetteville Academy: Talana Banks; South Central: Viola Rone.


DASH United 3, West Carteret 1

Sportsmanship Winners— DASH United: Olivia Mosley; West Carteret: Lillie Maness.

East Wake Academy 9, Eastern Wayne 0

Sportsmanship Winners— East Wake Academy: Kalin Creech; Eastern Wayne: Raelynn Clark.

Cedar Ridge 8, Halifax Academy 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Cedar Ridge: Elizabeth Gross; Halifax Academy: Caryn Aycock.

South Brunswick 4, Wilson Christian 2

Sportsmanship Winners— South Brunswick: Ava Lechtrecker; Wilson Christian: Lydia Renfrow.

Kerr-Vance Academy 7, Hobbton 1

Sportsmanship Winners— Kerr-Vance: Mary Richardson; Hobbton: Emeralda Pascual.

Southern Nash 2, Camden County 0

Sportsmanship Winners— Southern Nash: Michaela Gibson; Camden County: Haley Lloyd.

White Oak 9, Southeastern Homeschool 0

Sportsmanship Winners— White Oak: Shaelyn Webb; Southeastern: Lyric Robinson.