Tattoos an often-permanent mistake

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Today, I write another letter of critique that might yield the ire of tattoo enthusiasts, but I have no shame in placing this folly in the sunshine. The truth will set you free.

Today my contempt is for one of the feature stories on the front page of the Times on Friday, “A love to last a lifetime.” Why did this exaltation of ignorance qualify for the main event? Is the glorification of this absurdity worthy of the front page? There must be a scarcity of “news” as in “newspaper.”

I will start out with a quote from Mr. Kitchen, the proprietor of the tattoo parlor. He is speaking of popularity of tattoos. “Now it is so mainstream with movies and TV shows.” I agree, along with shootings, stabbings, dope, illicit sex, vulgarism, profanity and most every type of imaginable garbage we should keep away from our young people instead of handing it to them on a silver platter.

Is permanent marring of their God given body a sign of love? Is this what their parents taught them? I will venture to say if these participants had been born with body blemish markings, the parents would have endured indebtedness for medical help to remove them.

Mr. Kitchen also states that tattoos are prevalent among military personnel. I will also agree with that statement. However, Mr. Kitchen does not mention the fact that many of these personnel seek out these tattoo joints when they are inebriated. I know because I have been there, seen that, but thank heavens I did not do that. During my tenure in the U. S. Navy , so many times have I seen young sailors take a dare when over indulged with joy juice and return to the ship with their girlfriend’s name tattooed on the arm. The irony is that in many instances, a “Dear John” letter was in the mail.

According to Google, about one third of those with tattoos live to regret their body art. I call it body mutilating. Tattoos are rarely completely removed. There are laser applications that usually require several treatments and can leave many serious side effects such as scaring, discoloration and infection. Probably the most successful removal attempt is by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon and believe me the cost for any of these procedures will not be a Valentine’s Day special for 14 bucks. Don’t call your health insurance. They will not know you.

It’s so weird the things human beings will do to punish the inside and outside of their bodies. Thank God for my escape from the senselessness of tattoos.

Carl Hinson