Taking steps to make our townhouse a home

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This weekend while I was out shopping for nothing in particular, I came across a painting of a cow’s face. It was large and blue and really in no way realistic of what a real cow’s face would look like, but I fell in love with it.

I decided I needed it for my kitchen and sent a picture of it to Matt telling him just that. He, however, was not as excited about my cow and, unfortunately, told me no.

See, lately I have been working to decorate our townhouse. When we moved in, I quickly became hyper aware of how girly all of my things looked next to Matt’s ... well, nothing. He is a man of few possessions and moved in with such.

He tried to explain to me that women, unlike men, buy things for the sake of having things to look at. He defended this statement by saying his friend recently got married, and the next time he visited his friend’s home, the new wife had decorated an entire wall with different styles of her new last initial. An entire wall of G’s.

While my collecting is not quite that severe, I guess I can see where he is coming from. I love Willow Tree angels and Jim Shore figurines, and they are all out on my bookcase where I can see them.

As soon as we moved into our townhouse, I wanted our new place together to be perfect. I didn’t want the eclectic style from my college apartment to follow us to our new townhouse. First of all, townhome sounds so much classier than apartment, and like I said last week, I have my big-girl job now, so I can afford slightly nicer things in my newfound adulthood.

I did not put up all of my decorations around the place even though he told me I could. I didn’t want it to simply look like we were living in my apartment. I wanted it to represent us.

Alas, making a perfect home takes time. Over the last few months, I have tried to find decorations that better suit us rather than me. So far I have found art in beachy tones to match my bedroom comforter. I have found neutral tone curtains for throughout the house, and I am currently looking for a rug we can agree on to replace the one in our living room. (He keeps picking out silver and black rugs even though we have a tan couch and loveseat and does not seem to understand that it will not match.)

Right now our home is a mixture of furniture my parents gifted us, knick knacks I gifted myself, and artwork I bought because I told him all the blank walls made our bedroom feel like a prison.

While our styles do not always match, (I prefer neutral tones with bright pops of coastal color, and Matt leans toward an obvious minimalist style) we both enjoy finding things to fill our home that represent us.

When I say it like that, I guess I should be happy Matt said no to my brightly colored cow, because it simply means I am not represented by a cow.


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