Daily Devotional

Staying within the ropes

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Be rooted and built up in [Christ Jesus], be established in faith, and overflow with thanksgiving just as you were taught.

— Colossians 2:7 (CEB)

My twin eight-year-old daughters take swim lessons at the YMCA. The pool is long, and the lanes are separated by ropes and buoys. The youngest children in the class look like they are swatting flies when they swim. They zigzag into the lane ropes, then have to stop and untangle themselves. However, they still make it to the other end. The swimmers in the middle age group are more coordinated, but they too swim into the ropes. The oldest and most experienced swimmers slice through the water, staying in their lanes the entire time.

Our Christian walk can be like this swim class. As new Christians, we may be excited and full of energy but need someone more mature in the faith to mentor and guide us. Otherwise, we might keep swerving out of bounds.

Swimming straighter does not come simply with age; neither does living the spiritual life. Improvement comes with experience and obedience. The better swimmers listen to their instructors, learn from their guidance, and practice. Mature Christians study the Bible and seek the counsel of other believers to better serve God. No matter what our experience, we might still swerve into the ropes. But by persevering and growing in faith, we will make it to the other end.

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