State: Lucama broke water testing rules

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LUCAMA — Failure to provide water samples in 2018 has resulted in two more state violations for the town of Lucama.

The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality Division of Water Resources Public Water Supply Section recently issued the violation notices.

According to Sarah Young, a spokeswoman for the state, Lucama had a March 3 monitoring violation for lead and copper tap samples. Young said the town water system failed to collect the required 10 lead and copper samples within its assigned monitoring period in 2018.

“The system failed to collect samples within the (June 1-Sept. 30) sampling period and thus received the monitoring violation,” Young said. “However, the system did collect a total of 10 tap samples on (Nov. 13-14) with all lead/copper tap results below the action levels. Since these samples were outside of the (June 1-Sept. 30) monitoring period, the system received a monitoring violation.”

The samples are taken during the summer months because that is the period when corrosion is most likely to occur.

Young said the monitoring violation requires Lucama to collect 10 lead and copper water tap samples between June 1 and Sept. 30 this year to return to compliance. Lucama must also notify its water customers of the violation within one year.

“If compliance is not achieved in 2019, the water system is subject to an administrative penalty for continued failure to monitor for lead/copper,” Young said.

Lucama was also issued a May 2 administrative penalty for failing to monitor for nitrate in 2018.

“The violation requires the system to collect a nitrate sample during the 2019 annual compliance period in order to return to compliance,” Young said.

Lucama must also notify its water customers of this violation within a year.