Starving artist bemoans antisocial media, litter and stray pet problems

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In a crazy, mixed-up world, one thing I’ve noticed that has changed not for the better is community and neighbors supporting each other.

As a true artist, one who has no choice but to “art or die,” I have been set up for years at the corner of Bullhead and Fort Run Road here in Greene County. Most days consist of hard work, dealing with extreme weather and watching as hundreds of vehicles pass without even turning their head to look at my art — both locals and out-of-towners alike. It is baffling.

Also, more than half have their phone in front of their face, not seeing the road, dogs or other animals that may be crossing, God’s beauty or the oncoming traffic. I’ve been calling it unsocial media for awhile now. Maybe Satan’s sidekick would be more appropriate as teens and adults die and kill others regularly on our highways.

I’ve been rescuing dogs for years and still on foot try saving them. It is heartbreaking when I find an animal dead on the roadside — even family pets that could and should have been saved. I have met the girl who drives the county truck picking up animals from the road. It was an atrocity to see a literal dead zoo in the bed of her truck.

Also, I pick up so much trash just in my area every day it is astounding. I have tried my Litter = Loser campaign and Keep Greene Green, but I’m not sure of the impact.

Finally, there have been many times I have made dozens of calls throughout Greene County to ask folks to come out to see and maybe buy a piece of my creative, one-of-a-kind art. I believe over the years, only one person from the school system actually drove 10 minutes to support our local true artist. Seems it should be a blessing that we have one such right in our midst, yet the feeling of mass indifference I get — from churches to businesses to neighbors — is “Why don’t you get a job?”

Ever walked in my shoes? The same folks keep making Walmart and Amazon bazzilonnaires instead of supporting a dedicated artist.

Quentin Warren

Snow Hill