Spring clean your mind and body this season

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Welcome, spring!

Even though Mother Nature seems to be playing a trick on us this week, the spring season has officially begun! (Hopefully) the season of warmer temperatures, beautiful flowers, longer days and outdoor sports are upon us. Not only are the flowers about to open up to a fresh new start, but there’s something in the air that makes our bodies want to renew and re-energize. Just like we feel the need to “spring clean” our house, it’s also the perfect time to “spring clean” our mind and our bodies.

Although I’m no expert at giving advice on how to renew your spirit, I can provide you with a little insight and some tips on how I plan to say goodbye to the winter blues and hello to spring fever.

Drink More Water

We hear this all the time, but consuming the recommended amount of water daily can provide innumerable benefits. Try to shoot for at least eight 8-ounce glasses. Replace a sugary beverage with a glass of water instead or bring a water bottle to work to fill up throughout the day. Drinking an adequate amount of water can make our skin brighter, keep us hydrated and energized and can even affect our mood. What an easy, inexpensive way to be healthier!

Get Outside, Be More Active

The days are longer now, which means more time to spend outside. It makes me very happy to have an extra couple of hours after work to spend outside with my kids, go for a walk around the neighborhood or grill out. Take advantage of those extra hours of sunlight!

Plant a Garden

OK, my husband is going to laugh because everything I try to plant eventually dies. My mother had a green thumb and unfortunately I did not inherit that from her. However, I am going to keep on trying — and possibly keep on failing — because I LOVE flowers!

I have a small area in my yard that my husband and I cleared last year. We rid the bed of the ugly, overgrown bushes and weeds and planted a lone hydrangea. I am much too excited to see those green leaves starting to grow. Now it’s time to focus on filling the rest of the space!

Not everyone may enjoy being outside and working in the yard. Think about what your “garden” may be and make that a goal this season. Tackle a task you’ve had on your to-do list for a while. It’ll feel good.


If you’re like me, I have so much stuff around the house that just takes up space. Have a yard sale, donate to charity or sell unused items. Not only can you physically de-clutter, but this is also a great time to mentally de-clutter: Rid your mind of negative thoughts; focus on the positive. Take a look at your relationships and remove the unhealthy ones. Focus on the things that make you happy.

What are some ways you renew your mind and body? I’d love to know! Email me at melanie.raynor@wilmed.org.

Melanie Raynor is the marketing coordinator at Wilson Medical Center.