Socialized medicine didn’t work for Charlie Gard

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The government of Great Britain was finally able to murder an 11-month-old child after months of opposition from Charlie Gard’s parents.

Even with the entire apparatus of British government arrayed against them, Charlie’s parents fought for the right to take Charlie to the United States in order to receive an experimental treatment that could have allowed him substantial improvement.

Nevertheless, the British National Health Service and the hospital where Charlie was interned fought tooth and nail to assert the government’s right to decide who lives and who dies. Even the commonly held concept that competent parents have the obligation to make decisions for their children was swept aside in order to assert the power of the state.

News reports sounded like Charlie’s parents just gave up. It was only after the British government dragged out the proceedings for so long that even the doctor who could have helped Charlie said it was too late. Reluctantly, Charlie’s loving parents allowed the government to carry out the death sentence and turn off the respirator that had been breathing for their innocent child.

Ironically, Great Britain led the fight to abolish slavery and spent much blood and treasure to ensure the eradication of one person’s ability to own another just to return to the same. Now, however, the owner is the state and the slaves are anyone who falls under the tender mercies of the single-payer health care system.

All involved in the present faux attempt to eradicate Obamacare should take heed of the lessons of Charlie Gard — but they won’t, as it is really about the accrual of power by those who move the levers of government and who exempt themselves from their own rules.

We have been played for suckers once again when a party, the GOP cannot, after seven long years of promising to do so, repeal the Obamacare disaster. Democrats and Republicans both are complicit in the continuing descent of the American populace into a state of serfdom. Even more ominous is we the people’s acquiescence in the face of this onslaught on our personal liberties.

Julie Yancey