Socialized health care rewards selfishness, dependency

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Socialized health care rewards selfishness, dependency

It’s not Congress that needs a dose of reality nearly as much as the American society, especially those with left-leaning ideology.

There are several very good points made in Tom Campbell’s Monday column, “Congress needs a dose of reality,” primarily the statement that “our Congress has run headfirst into a wall of political reality: once you extend benefits to people, it is almost impossible to take them away.”

Therein lies the fundamental truth that has been the Conservatives’ rallying cry for more than 50 years, and even more so by the Founding Fathers in the establishment of this great endeavor called the United States of America.

We Conservatives are constantly accused of being unfeeling and unwilling to help those who have been born or have found themselves in dire straits. However, statistics show that this is actually untrue. Space will not permit me to cite all the studies that show Conservatives, not Liberals, are more benevolent toward those in need.

But while we Conservatives are more charitable, we believe strongly that charity is something that is a personal and moral obligation rather than something that should be mandated, especially by government. In the contemporary world, it’s taken as a given that Conservativism and its free market and profit motive are based on selfishness and produce selfishness. Socialism is based on selflessness and produces selflessness. Facts show the opposite to be true.

Whatever its intentions, socialism produces more selfish individuals and a far more selfish society than a free-market economy does. And once this widespread selfishness catches on, it is almost impossible to undo it, again reiterating the words of Mr. Campbell, Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams, Fredrick Douglass, Booker T. Washington and every Founding Father of this great nation.

In the welfare state, however, taking care of yourself is no longer a virtue. Why? Because the government will take care of you. Therefore, socialism produces people whose preoccupations become more and more self-centered:

• How many benefits will I receive from the government?

• Will the government pay for my education?

• Will the government pay for my health care?

• What is the youngest age at which I can retire?

• How much paid vacation time can I get?

• How many days can I call in sick and still get paid?

• How many weeks of paid paternity or maternity leave am I entitled to?

And then each entitlement becomes a “right,” and as we Conservatives have stated over, and over, again, while your health and well-being may be our moral concern, it is not and should not be mandated, much less managed by a government that has proven itself inept at managing some of our most basic needs, let alone the pivotal ones.

Teaching people to work hard and take care of themselves and others and that they should earn what they receive produces less selfish and more grateful people.

Alvin R. Bass Jr.