Socialist giveaways would punish workers, taxpayers

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Never thought I would see the day when the Democratic Party would shift so far left that it’s now a socialist party. Democratic candidates running for president are proposing more government giveaways than a clown handing out candy at the circus. Let’s look at just some of the goodies.

Guaranteed paychecks for every American whether they are willing to work or not, quality health care for all, free college tuition, a right to affordable housing with expanded rental and homeownership assistance, fair and affordable utilities, heat, electricity, phone, internet and public transportation through democratically run, publicly owned utilities operating at cost, not for profit.

Hold on, folks — as if this is not enough, there is the New Green Deal. Sixteen million jobs will be created by retrofitting energy-efficient mass transit, energy-efficient factories and office buildings and eliminating all fossil fuel energy — and this doesn’t scratch the surface. There is reduced military spending by 50 percent and the National Guard will be our defense with the closure of military bases around the world.

What is all this going to cost and who is going to pay? Well, economist Brian Reidl calculates that the cost would be an astronomical $42 trillion. So how do we pay for this? Same old worn-out plan the Democrats always come up with — “tax the rich.”

The proposed tax of 70 percent will not cover one of these giveaway programs. New Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez proposes taxing the wealthy and raising corporate tax rates would produce $2 trillion. OK, airhead, where does the other $40 trillion come from?

These tax proposals will not pay for 1 percent of the proposed spending. This clown does not understand that the backbone of our economy is built on opportunities for those who are willing to work hard and get ahead, not punishing those who succeed.

These massive entitlements Democrats are hoping to create are unaffordable, which means they must tax everyone who’s willing to work. So who is paying for the free candy the clowns are handing out? You better wake up — it is you.

Bill Biddle