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School menus for Wilson, Nash and Johnston counties

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Wilson County


Breakfast: Powdered donuts and applesauce cup

Lunch: Oven-breaded chicken with roll or mac and cheese with roll, green beans, cucumbers and pears


Breakfast: Goody bun and apple slices

Lunch: Cheeseburger or hot dog with chili, french fries, corn and strawberries and cream


Breakfast: Crunchmania and banana

Lunch: Mozzarella sticks or spaghetti with roll, green peas, baby carrots and peaches


Breakfast: Yogurt and Nutrigrain bar and peach cup

Lunch: Stuffed crust or cheese pizza or barbecue chicken with roll, candied yams, garden salad and cherries and cream


Breakfast: Strawberry Pop-Tart and applesauce cup

Lunch: Taco with chips or corn dog nuggets, fiesta black beans, broccoli with cheese and applesauce

Johnston County


Breakfast: Mini breakfast pizza

Lunch: Chicken parmesan sandwich or cheese pizza, fresh cabbage, mashed potatoes and fresh fruit


Breakfast: Cheesy grits with sausage

Lunch: Barbecue with hush puppies or mandarin orange chicken with rice, glazed sweet potatoes, seasoned broccoli and pineapple tidbits


Breakfast: Pancake on a stick

Lunch: Cold cut sub or cheeseburger, baked beans, glazed carrots and fresh strawberries


Breakfast: Chicken biscuit

Lunch: Bacon ranch salad or baked chicken, WG Rice Krispies, coleslaw, wedge fries and fruit freeze


Breakfast: Sausage biscuit

Lunch: Eggstravaganza with biscuit or pancakes with sausage, gold rush juice, tater tots and cinnamon baked apples

Nash-Rocky Mount


Breakfast: Manager’s choice and raisins

Lunch: Pizza sticks with dipping sauce or manager’s choice entree, creamed potatoes, green peas, mandarin oranges and fresh baked cookies


Breakfast: French toast sticks and peaches

Lunch: Chicken nuggets with roll or mac and cheese with roll, broccoli with cheese sauce, pinto beans and strawberries


Breakfast: Sausage croissant and strawberries

Lunch: Spaghetti with garlic bread stick or hot dog, Popeye salad, grape tomatoes, fries and peaches


Breakfast: Chicken biscuit and applesauce

Lunch: Barbecue teriyaki chicken with rice and roll or cheeseburger, baked sweet potato, turnip greens and mixed fruit


Breakfast: String cheese with muffin and mixed fruit

Lunch: Pork rib sandwich or chicken filet sandwich, tomato soup with goldfish, sliced cucumbers, carrots and applesauce