Russian to nowhere

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Hey, where’d Russia go?

Isn’t it just impressive how the illiberal media Democrat machine is more in lockstep than synchronized swimmers? The good news is it’s like a failure parade starting, then floating along waving with band music in front of the masses and abruptly coming to an end.

Think about it. Who has even uttered the word Russia lately? Unlike a sailor who adjusts the sails as the winds change, they just fold them up, crank up the motor and head fast in another direction. One thing I never heard as they were “Russian to judgment” daily for the past two years is how their berating of the entire Russian population would affect Russians here and abroad. Talk about a cold war.

These power-hungry people in the media, Hollywood and the Democratic Party don’t care who they hurt or even who dies as long as their hateful, lying rhetoric hits their intended target with enough force to get one more vote.

Imagine being one of the millions of hardworking, good Russian people over the last two years. What might that verbal Russian assault do not only to your psyche, but also to influence how others feel about and treat you?

After all, you’re nothing but a bunch of villains, according to the nightly news and the bloodthirsty Democrats. Thank God they finally admitted by divergence the disastrous Russian hoax has sunk to the bottom of a deep, dark arctic sea.

Quentin Warren

Snow Hill