Russian interference makes Trump illegitimate

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Russian interference makes Trump illegitimate

Questions regarding Russia’s involvement with the presidential election will not go away. They revolve around two critical areas.

Did Trump collude with the Russians to become president? As Republicans are so fond of saying, there may be no evidence yet, but we’ll keep looking. Trump openly welcomed Russian involvement. His relationship with Russia has always been sanguine to the point of sycophantic.

Secondly, did Russia interfere in our election to boost Trump’s chances of winning? The answer is undoubtedly yes. This is, in itself, grounds for invalidating the result.

Former U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper stated conclusively that there is hard evidence proving Russian involvement. And we all know on which side that involvement fell.

No foreign state, particularly one so inimical to our form of government, can be allowed to influence the elections of this country. If Clinton had won with evidence showing France’s interference, Republicans would be up in arms too.

This was an election of lies enhanced by Russian disinformation. Voters in this country are susceptible to internet propaganda. All it took for a Salisbury man to drive to Washington to shoot up a pizza shop was online anti-Clinton propaganda about child slavery. Which begs the question: Where did the online conspiracy theory “pizzagate” come from? Oh yeah, a room full of young men half a world away sponsored by the Kremlin.

We need an independent prosecutor to get to the bottom of this nasty business.

Because we live in a globally interconnected cyber world, with everyone including Julian Assange weighing in, this kind of election interference is just the beginning. There are too many strongmen looking to destabilize the U.S. government from within and besmirch rights preserved within our Constitution.

And then there’s witless Trump, gutting budgets to build a physical wall.

Deborah A. Baro