Russia: More dastardly disclosures

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At some point in our political/governmental dilemma, all our faults and all our partisanship gives way to the dilemma. A very penitent conclusion is then drawn.

Enough is enough. It is time for Congress to take the reins and stop this nation’s decline on the world stage. It is time for Congress to send to our allies the message of continued cooperation, support and leadership. On the home front, it is time for the American people to demand that the individuals they elected to represent them stop the charade of fake work and do their job of protecting this nation and all its holdings.

It is time for the Republicans and Democrats to get their feeble minds off the election of 2018, relative to re-election, and focus of the dilemma we are currently facing.

We keep hearing, “Let the investigations go forward” so we can get to the bottom of this “mess.” While the investigations go to the bottom, so goes America to the bottom. All of us must act in concert to save this nation from ruination.

Let’s face it. A grave mistake or something unfortunate happened that Donald J. Trump was elected president. We have tried to be supportive, to show tolerance, excuse mistakes, forgive abuse, embrace those rare presidential moments and be hopeful about an optimistic future.

What have we gotten for our leniency? More tweets of personal attacks denigrating American citizens. More personal attacks on members of the press, who are great Americans, more attacks on the democratic institution of a free press, uninterrupted attacks on Obama, Clinton and Podesta, consistent use of the tyrannical phrase “enemies of the state” and constant eroding of the tradition of White House transparency through restriction of live televised broadcasting of White House press conferences.

In addition to all this foolishness, the American people are subjected to lies on a daily basis from the president, the White House staff, the White House chief of staff and, most recently, the president’s son Junior.

Kellyanne Conway said it best in her critique on Hillary Clinton. After they “told the lie,” they then “told a lie about the lie.”

This does not resemble governing by any measure during any era. Let me use a common press phrase: This is unprecedented.

Finally, America’s greatest current challenge is the failure of President Donald J. Trump to admit the Russian interference in our 2016 election and his failure to join the American people in making Russia pay a price for this dastardly act.

On the world stage, Trump excused Putin for meddling and then sought to create a unit operated by Putin and the U.S. to prevent meddling Hey! Did we just miss something? Or was it our president?

His body language of rapidly extending his open palm toward Putin and Putin reluctantly shaking it made Trump look like a real underdog.

Congress, please help America.

George Leach is a Wilson resident and former teacher with a keen interest in local, state and national politics.